British artist Fiona Banner invited Sabina to collaborate on the project ISBN, which saw the artist investigate publishing as a performative act. Banner created artworks as ISBN numbers (including registering herself as a publication, complete with ISBN number). 

The book ISBN 978-1-907118-99-9, designed by Sabina, is a record of the project. It came about in response to the need for copies of all Banner’s ISBN-registered works to be represented in the British Library, a legal requirement for all publications with an ISBN.

The book acts as a compendium of all Banner’s ISBN artworks, allowing each to be represented in the British Library’s legal deposit. It was printed as a limited edition of 200 copies with covers woodblock printed (half of the print-run on white stock, the other half on foil). 

The book was highly commended in the Specific Object Awards, 2010.