London and New York based photographer Poppy de Villeneuve
is best know for her poetic, spirited images for publications including Vogue, Monocle and Wallpaper* and for brands including Burberry and Jimmy Choo. In her recent work she has moved into the realm of film-making and to mark this transition she asked Sabina to create her new online identity.

The website brings out the filmic qualities of de Villeneuve’s still and moving images  through the context of the computer screen, with visuals given luxurious space across the screen and typography positioned in a quietly confident supporting role. The sleek, deliberate functionality of the website complements de Villeneuve’s directorial style, while an emphasis on white space accentuates the luminosity of her still photography.

Sabina is currently working on the design for a series of books with
de Villeneuve.